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At Hoopes Vision, we understand that a number of your patients are going to express interest in LASIK or other vision correction surgeries, and we appreciate the trust and confidence you show in referring those patients to our center. Your participation in their pre- and post-operative care is a vital part of providing those patients with a seamless, world-class eye care experience – an experience that doesn’t end on their surgery day.

When you refer a patient to Hoopes Vision for a refractive or cataract surgery evaluation, you aren’t “handing the patient over,” but partnering in their continued care. Hoopes Vision does not have, never has had, and never will have an optical shop. That means that whether your patient has LASIK and is referred back to your practice for continued care, or turns out not to be a good surgical candidate and returns to your practice for a spectacle or contact lens fitting, we never have and never will compete with your practice in that key area.

Furthermore, we know that it is in a patient’s best interest to follow a regular regimen of yearly eye exams. One of the conditions of our lifetime enhancement program, the See Clearly Guarantee, is that the patient attends all six of their postoperative visits at your clinic. They must also receive yearly eye exams after the postoperative period – yearly exams which we strongly encourage them to make and keep with your practice.

We, at Hoopes Vision, understand that many of your patients have longstanding relationships with you, and trust your knowledge and expertise. Your confidence in allowing us to participate in their care is something we appreciate greatly. We seek to continue to earn that confidence by providing those patients with great visual outcomes, and partnering with your practice for their post-operative care – immediately after surgery as well as long-term.

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To speak with our optometric coordinator please call Danyelle Madrid at (801) 617-0842.

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